Hello Music Lovers and Milwaukee Chorister Supporters!

As is the case for you and for people all over the nation, we are hunkered down in this COVID-19-induced quarantine. And as I am sure it is for you, some of the things that we would like so much to be doing are things that involve people coming fairly close together. The new (and necessary) norms of social distancing presently prohibit gatherings, which means no rehearsals or concerts for us in the near term. So, as much as we wanted to perform our spring program with you on April 17 and 18, it was not possible. We very much missed this opportunity to do something that we have been doing regularly and consistently since our beginnings in 1933 — SING FOR YOU! In an attempt to connect with you in the only way we presently can, we are sharing with you a few pieces from our archives that we’ve never made available before online. We hope you will enjoy the virtual song offerings below. Think of us as you listen! I hope that you will be looking forward with eagerness as never before to (we hope) our December concerts, when with ineffable joy we shall share beautiful music with you in the same lovely space, at the same point-in-time, and in the same spirit that has pervaded CHORISTERS concerts for over nine decades!

Warmest thoughts,
James B. Kinchen, Jr., 
Music Director

Achieved Is the Glorious Work

On the Street Where You Live
Honor! Honor!
The Lord Bless You and Keep You

The Milwaukee Choristers have been performing since 1933. Here are some of our recent concert programs: