Awarded to Talented High School and College Students

Roots Apprenticeship Program flyer


  • Must be a member in good standing of an area high school or college/university choir.
  • High school students must be at least 16 years old and have their school director’s permission.
  • Must sing an audition for Choristers’ music director Dr. James, B. Kinchen, Jr.
  • Must show musical/vocal talent, strong choral music interest, and promise of future success in community choral arts.


  • Waiver of annual membership dues ($120)
  • Loaned music for rehearsals and concerts (refundable $25 deposit required)
  • Concert attire furnished ($100-plus value)
  • Full participation in all Milwaukee Choristers’ activities
  • Opportunity to study and sing a varied repertoire with one of Milwaukee’s most versatile and popular vocal groups under the direction of Dr. James B. Kinchen, Jr.


  • Email to notify the Choristers of your interest. Please include your voice part and why you are interested in this apprenticeship.
  • Call 414-354-1933 if you would prefer to speak with someone over the phone about this opportunity.
  • Auditions are held twice a year in August and December.


  • You will be asked to sing a prepared solo or aria.
  • You must provide a reference letter from your choral director.
  • You will be asked to express why you are committed to continue choral singing once you are out of school.

The Milwaukee Choristers began in 1933 when a group of students graduating high school wanted to continuing singing in a choir. This initiative honors the roots of the organization by encouraging the involvement of young choral singers.